dhtmlxGrid: Checkbox changes into numeric value after sort i

Hello. I am using the Pro version of dhtmlxGrid and have an issue when testing the 1.6.80512 version.

It appears that checkbox (ch) columns are being changed into their numeric value after they are checked and sorted. Here are two examples:



Here is a link using dhtmlxGrid version 1.5.71114 - Place a check under “Set List” for the first song. Sort by Week (twice, so the song you checked comes back up towards the top of the list). Checkbox appears correct.




Problem confirmed and fixed - please use attached js file instead of original one.

dhtmlxgrid_splt.zip (7.48 KB)

Thanks! That is now fixed, but I just noticed another issue. Using those same sample URL’s above, just sort any column. Note that in version 1.5, the first “Song” column remains bold, but version 1.6 loses the bold after a sort.

Problem confirmed - please try to use attached js file  - it must resolve issue.

dhtmlxgrid_splt.zip (7.51 KB)

Unfortunately, it still loses the bold after a sort. I replaced the dhtmlxgrid_splt.js file with the lastest one you attached here, but still have the same results.

URL of version 1.6 grid that loses bold after a sort:


One more issue was confirmed and fixed
Updated js file and working sample sent by email.

Appears to be working great now! Thanks for resolving this!