Dhtmlxgrid column move issue

I have attached dhtmlxCombo boxes as filters for the grid, these are not the #combo_filter but actual dhtmlxcombo boxes due to custom filtering requirements. I am facing this issue when I try to move a column the child dhtmlxCombo does not move with them thereby causing problems. The way we are attaching the combo boxes to the grid is as follows:

  1. Create a string of multiple divs(equal to the number of columns in the grid).

for (colnum = 0; colnum < content.getColumnsNum(); colnum++) { selectStr.push("<div id=div_" + this.gridUID + "_" + colnum + " style='width:100%;'></div>");

  1. Now attach this string of divs to the grid header.
  1. Then create the same number of combo boxes and select the above created divs as the parent.
 new dhtmlXCombo(str, "sel" + colnum, comboBoxWidth);

where str is the individual div elements.

Please do let me know if you need any further information.


Any ideas ?

I am having an issue with dhtmlxGrid insertcolumn, where in 0 th index if i try to insertcolumn it is only inserting 25 rows ouit of 100, after that it is entering _postRowProcessing this method in dhtmlx.js and throwing error. ironically, insertcolumn is working with the same set of rows in last index positions like (10) if the actual column size is 9 in the grid. please acknowledge. Thanks in advance…

In case of using the paging/smart rendering the new column cannot be inserted to the first position. You may insert a new column only to the last position in this case.

Hi, i am able to insert the column in 0thindex but till 25 records it is working fine and then it is giving this issue. Leaving this aside, As per business requirement i must be including it in the first position and i have stopped using smart rendering and pagination still behavior is same . please give a work around on this. I have one idea but do not know how much is it feasible. if i can insert record in the last position is there any way that without dragging or user intervention can i rearrange my column as per business by using grid.enableColumnMove(true). the challenge is the user must not drag the column it has to move on its own. is there any way to achieve this

Please share the grid initialization code, I can’t reconstruct the same issue with normal js init ( without paging and dynamic loading )