dhtmlxgrid column type as PASSWORD FIELD


Can we have dhtmlxgrid column type property as password (shown as
asterisk to the user) ?

Currently I see these as the column type:

  • ReadOnly (ro) - cell can’t be edited
  • Simple Editor (ed) - text is edited inside cell
  • Text Editor (txt) - text is edited in popup multiline textarea
  • Checkbox (ch) - standard checkbox
  • Radiobutton (ra) - column oriented radiobutton
  • Select box (coro) - simple selectbox
  • Combobox (co) - select box with ability to add some other value
  • Image (img) - not editable. Value considered as url of image

Special types:

  • Color picker (cp) - simple color picker (just for example). Value
    considered as color code or name
  • Price oriented (price) - shows $ before value, all values eql 0
    shown as na in red color
  • Dynamic of Sales (dyn) - shows up/down icon depending on value. Also
    color coding available (green/red)


There is no such cell type, but you can create any custom eXcell type you need. Please find more information here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … l_creation