dhtmlxGrid - Copy to Clipboard and paste to MS-Excel


I am using dhtmlxGrid 2.0. When I implement the copy to Clipboard from selected block, it copy the data as comma delimited so when I paste data from clipboard to MS-Excel it have all data (with comma delimited) pasted into ONE cell.

How do I configure so that once I paste data into MS-Excel data is coppied into multiple cells as we have in the grid? I test on the grid showed on dhtmlx.com website and it works correctly as I wanted. Please help me to do as that sample.



You can use grid.setCSVDelimiter to change the delimter used in serialization
grid.setCSVDelimiter("\t"); //tabs will be used, as required by ms-excel

You can look the example dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … 1491326000.
Click "Copy entire grid (with tab as delimiter) to clipboar"
Go to Exel and press Ctrl+V. Grid should paste into multiple cells.
To do as that sample you can use page source code.