DhtmlxGrid Custom filter header selection bug in IE11


I want to create a dhtmlxGrid with a custom header (a div with 2 input fields) but when I use the" attachHeader" function with custom html (see example provided for more info) the fields appear on the grid in IE11/Chrome/Firefox with no problem

The problem is : when you want to select the text in the input this doesn’t work in IE11. The field reacts like it has the css attribute -ms-user-select: none but it’s not the case.

Can you help me on this case?

Please use attached files for an example (just launch the test.html file).

codebase.zip (653 KB)

Please, try to add the following line after the init of the grid:
myGrid.hdrBox.onselectstart=function(e){(e||event).cancelBubble=true; return true};


With this line it works perfectly as expected!

Thank you!