dhtmlxGrid custom XML format using attributes

I have an XML file, not mine but one that I want to sort and filter in a grid, that uses many different attributes for a single row in the XML file. There are no child elements. Is it possible to use this file directly or do I somehow need to convert it to the ‘row’ and ‘cell’ format shown in the dhtmlxGrid demos? I am very new to using XML and xGrid so any help would be greatly appreciated.

XML file sample:

Please check docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … _loading&s[]=custom&s[]=format#custom_loading_types_creation

I follow the four different lines of script in the examples but I am unsure of how the final html file should look. Is there a working example of this kind of thing? Obviously I am very inexperienced with this sort of thing so any help is greatly appreciated.