I am trying to use DHTMLXGrid to add a new row to a database based upon savedata_grid.html file.

I would like 2 of the columns be dropdown boxes where the first box changes the entries of the second box.

Will Combo & grid allow me to do what I want?

There is no any special integration for such use-case, but it possible to implement such behavior by using existing events in grid.
Please check attached sample

( a sample is a bit outdated, so when used with latest grid version you need to use attachEvent instead of  setOnEditCellHandler )

grid_nested_combo.zip (82.6 KB)

that looks exactly like what I want but when I try to implement using the “setOnEditCellHandler” function I get this

I am trying to use DHTMLXGrid 1.6


mygrid.setOnEditCellHandler is not a function

I figured it out I need to use:   mygrid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”,myf);


your example worked perfectly Thank you