dhtmlxGrid displaying in Firefox

Hello! Thanks for amazing tools for web ui coding! :slight_smile:

I have a little problem with displaying dhtmlxGrid in ff 3.0.5.

Screenshot: pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/090201/q0muM6VBU3.jpg

What’s wrong with ff?

p.s.: sorry, my english is not very well :slight_smile:

I have a little problem with displaying dhtmlxGrid in ff 3.0.5.
Issue must be already fixed in latest build ( it was confirmed for dhtmlxgrid 2.0 build 81009, but was fixed in build 81107 - the latest version, which can be downloaded from dhtmlx.com ) - so just update to the latest version to resolve issue.
If by some reason you can’t update to the newest code - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide info about used version of dhtmlxgrid - probably we will be able to provide a separate patch for your version of component.

Version already updated. I suppose, that the problem is in my css file of the page with grid, because the grid looks fine on new clear page. What is in my can css  kills grid style?

Please check if you have some global css rules which affects DIV, TD,TH, TABLE tags ( the most possible reason of such problem - padding or margin assigned to TH or TABLE element )
div.gridbox th, div.gridbox td, div.gridbox table {
padding:0px 0px 0px 0px ;
margin:0px 0px 0px 0px ;
must resolve conflicts in most cases.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )