dhtmlxGrid div not scrolling in parent (IE)

I have a parent DIV which contains the DIV that is the dhtmlxgrid control. There are other elements in the parent DIV as well. The parent DIV scrolls to show the contents (which includes the dhtmlxgrid div). With IE when the contents of the parent DIV are scrolled, the dhtmlxgrid DIV does not move. If I resize the browser window IE will redraw and position the dhtmlx DIV properly (however, the dhtmlxgrid will be rendered outside the bounds of the parent DIV). If I fill the dhtmlxgrid DIV with static content (IE the grid control is not created) it is scrolled properly. Of course it works properly in all cases with Firefox. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The problem caused by grid container positioning, it works correctly while other tests in both IE6 and IE7 but still it possible that in some situation it may cause similar effect.
If problem still occurs for you  - please send any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )
As fast solution you can try to add next line after grid initialization
          grid.entBox.style.position = “static”;

I had the same problem.

The fix was to change the container (the one that contains your gird and other static content and that has the style overflow:auto or overflow:scroll) style position to “relative”.


Thanks, Steve.  The support staff ended up following up with email on this one - it would have been good to have posted here for the benefit of others.  They also suggested the “position:relative” style for the container DIV, which corrected the problem for me as well.