DhtmlxGrid Drag and Drop

Hello I am using Dthmlx Pro V2.6

I have a bug with the drag and drop.
I initialize the dhtmlxGrid with d&d, split mode and dataprocessor attached to the grid(important).
First cell is type tree.

To reproduce do this.

Have a row with 2 childrens and x more rows.
-Expand the parent node to see the 2 childrens.
-Drag the 2 childrens out of parent
-Now drag the parent 2 times, in first time is ok don’t have the childrens dragged, but in second drop the parent have the expand icon and search again the childrens.

Can you solve this please??

If you are using setUpdateMode(true) try to set the second parameter to “true” which allows you to update the data by drag’n’drop:


I am using setUpdateMode(“off”);

Try to set