DHTMLXGrid - dropdown filter of graphics


I would like to use a dropdown filter of a column containing graphics.

The filter works, but the dropdown shows the html code etc.

Is it possible to replace this by text or even better by the original graphic used in the column ?

Thanks in advance.


The #select_filter uses native selectbox control - so it can show text only.
The #combo_filter uses dhtmlxcombo as filter and can be configured to show images or any other HTML content, but the input part can show text only so it still not well for such task.
Please chech attached sample ( dhtmlxgrid_filter.js has modification at line 170 to hide tags in text part of input )

1218447572.zip (75.3 KB)

that looks good. I got it working with the combo. BUT one little strange thing:
I have double graphics in the combo select. Which means some graphics are two times available. The html in the xml of those graphics is always 100% the same. Any idea what the reason can be for those double entries?

While collecting values , component ignores dupplicates, there must be some difference ( whitespace and newline characters in original XML may cause difference as well, while looking the same in HTML , the text may differ )
If you sure that they are exactly the same - please provide a sample of XML which causes such problem.