dhtmlxGrid - Dynamical loading GPL version

In the Editions Comparison Matrix, you see that “Smart Rendering with Dynamical loading”
is available for the GPL Standard Edition. However, in a dhtmlx 3.0 project, the rows do not automatically get loaded when enableSmartRendering(true, 50) is set, when reaching the end of the list, even though it was documented in the same release.

Is there a mistake in the Comparison Matrix? Or was this only added to the GPL version at a later time? What version of the GPL edition does contain dynamic loading?


You know, actually I mean version 3.6. But in the source code for 3.6 it says dhtmlx.version=“3.0”

I apologize.
Unfortunately the dynamic loading feature is available in PRO version only.
The information on the site will be updated.
Thank you for your note.