dhtmlxGrid enableColumnMove(true) blocks <body> events.

Hi, when you move 2 or more columns, the body events won’t work any more.
With this example and dhtmlx 4.03 http://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid/samples/16_rows_columns_manipulations/13_pro_grid_moveCol.html
if you add this to your body : [code]

[/code] it won't work after you have draged 2 or more columns of the grid.

It seems to happen only if you move 2 columns ( or 2 times the same column).


Hi, is there any solution for this??


I apologize for the delay with reply to your problem.
Unfortunately this is the expected behavior as dhtmlxGrid may redefine such events.
It is recommended to use the dhtmlxEvent structure. It guarantees that the events won’t get lost:
dhtmlxEvent(document.body, “mousemove”, function(){ console.log(‘mouseMove’); });
dhtmlxEvent(document.body, “mouseup”, function(){ console.log(‘mouseUp’); });