dhtmlxGrid enableSmartRendering + enableMultiselect + shift

I’m using a grid with many rows and I need to select multiple rows with the shift key.
I noticed that if you scroll too much, the multiselect doesn’t work with shift (it seems that the ctrl key still works).

You can try it with this sample: https://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid/samples/14_loading_big_datasets/03_grid_dyn.html just adding myGrid.enableMultiselect(true);

Is there a way to enable multiselect with shift key for grids wit so many rows? or am I doing something wrong?


Unfortunately only the rendered rows can be selected.
This behavior cannot be changed.

It especially actual for grid with dynamic loading, as grid can’t select rows which are not loaded from server side yet ( so shift selection will not work if it includes a not loaded yet data range )