dhtmlxGrid - Firefox 3 column headers always at 100% width

We purchased dhtmlxGrid last year and received version 1.3.

All was working well with Firefox 2.x and IE’s.

Now with Firefox 3.01, the column headers for a grid are always at 100% width. The header columns DO NOT line up with the row data.

I’ve searched this forum and could not fix the problem. There are no extra changes to styles (padding, margins, global th/td settings and so on). I’ve tried calling grid.setSizes(); or grid._setAutoResize(); after the grid loads from .loadXML(someurl); and also in the onXMLLoadingEnd event :: and still no affect.

When there happens to be many columns wider that the screen and there is a scroll bar, then the columns do line up. FF3 is just sticking to that 100% width for the headers and not using the row widths.

Please help, this has left our application broken. If fixed in newer versions, can we get just that fix?

The latest versions ( grid 1.5 and grid 1.6 ) works correctly with FF3
If, by some reason, you can’t migrate to latest version of dhtmlxgrid - please send the sample, where issue can be reconstructed, and used version of dhtmlxgrid.js to support@dhtmlx.com, most probably we will be able to provide the patch for your version of dhtmlxgrid.

I don’t want to move ahead thru too many versions without testing our app on this side.  Considering we purchased the Prof Edition just last year, I’d rather not repurchase the latest code just for this small bug fix.  Everything else is working fine.  You can see an example of our problem thru this link: widgetco.carpdata.com/webguest.html   Press the “Go” button once you pass thru the usr-agree. and get to the app.

On you website, I don’t see a way to version 1.5, only the new v1.6.  (Although I certainly could have missed it.)

Thanks again for the quick response.


Fixed js file ( dhtmlxgrid 1.3 ) attached to post
dhtmlxgrid_fixed.zip (23.3 KB)

Execellent!  That fixed it.  Thanks for your fast and courteous service.