DhtmlxGrid focus problem

I have a problem when I try to make a focus in a cell of grid. I use mygrid.enableKeyboardSupport(true); and when i use “tab” key cursor go to next cell. I attach an event (onEditCell) and in stage 2 i validate cell value (article for example) using a popup where user can chose articole from a list of value contain in a another grid that i destroing after rowselect method. After this operation i put code and article description in the specific field and i put the focus on the next field (for exaple color) and it works. From here if i push tab key (that should be same as article fileld - open a popup with color list) grid lost focus and the cursor go out in the page and i must click on the field with mouse. I want navigate with tab the grid row and when is necessary list of value open a popup with grid and after rowselected close popup and focus to the next field. thank’s

No solution??

help :cry: :cry:

i solve with —> mygrid.setActive(true);

I have the same problem. Where did you put the mygrid.setActive(true)?

I just had a similar issue which was resolved with setActive().

See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15030

setActive() is undocumented right now…