dhtmlXGrid - Getting the number of rows currently loaded, wh


I’m using the grid to dymanically fetch and display a large amount of data from the database. I’m also using ‘enableSmartRendering’.

I want to know how I can get the number of rows that have been loaded. ‘getRowsNum()’ seems to return the total number of rows, but I want only the number of rows which are currently loaded on the screen.

Could you please help me out?

which are currently loaded on the screen

Becase in SmartRendering mode buffers are not linear it is kind of problematic to detect the current number of loaded rows.
There are few possible ways, the rough count of rows can be taken as

The addtional info can be fetched as
var z=grid.getStateOfView();
z[0] - current start index of view area
z[1] - size of view area
z[2] - total counts of row