dhtmlxGrid groupBy and header


is there a way to attach the header (including sorting posibilities) every n rows or - even better - every grouped “block” … we have a quite huge grid using groupBy (no way around that) and having to scroll up the whole page to see what the column title is or to sort the grid/group is not really handy.

By the way, is row grouping+paging supported? - out of the box it works as long as you don’t actually change the page, after that ungrouped rows show up. The same is true for out-of-the-box searching/filtering functionality … I guess adding some event handlers that regroup the grid would solve the problem.

Thanks very much in advance.

By the way, is row grouping+paging supported?
Not supported.

>>is there a way to attach the header
It is not possible

you can check sub-grids functionality , which will allow both header per each sub-grid and paging
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … grids.html

Thanks for you answer … but grouping is an essential functionality for us. If neither repeated headers for a big “autoheighted” grouped grid (about 15 screen-pages) nor paging+grouping are supported we have to abandon your otherwise excellent and unique dhtmlxGrid product.

Unfortunately such functionality is not supported and it pretty complex to add it.
As one more alternative solution you can consider TreeGrid usage , which also can be used to represent hierarchical data ( it supports paging )