dhtmlxGrid groupBy and smart rendering

Is there any ETA on a fix for having groupBy work when smart rendering is turned on (via enableSmartRendering(true)) ?

grouping and smart rendering aremutually exclusive functionalities. There is no workaround to make them work together.

Yes I know they don’t currently work together - what I am asking is 1) do you plan to fix it so they can work together.  2) when will that be?

We have not such plans for oncoming version, maybe in distant future.

Currently, in case of big datasets you can use TreeGrid in smart-rendering mode , it will give you both - grouped view and support for big datasets.

With treegrid is it possible to dynamically change which column is used for grouping, without updating the xml file from the server?  (Equivalent of grid.groupBy(x))

dhtmlxTreeGrid doesn’t support such functionality. If such requirement is critical in your case - you can contact sales@dhtmlx.com and request for component customization

You should update your documentation of the Smart Rendering feature to make it more clear which other features it doesn’t work with.  We purchased an enterprise license but are seriously reconsidering that decision now.

Thank you for your note. We are working on impoving our documentation. You can check functionality compatibility here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … patibility