[dhtmlxGrid] GroupBy when column 0 is hidden

Hello guys,

I’m currently using a grid component where first column is hidden.

When groupBy function is used on any visible column like this :


Grid is sorted but group rows are not visible.

I guess It is based on column 0 visibility ^^

For now I changed how indexation are done to work around this bug.

Guess It could a issue for some others users too.



What version of dhtmlxGrid do you use? We can’t reproduce this issue at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please contach support@dhtmlx.com and provide sample where we can reproduce this issue.

I’m using :
- dhtmlxgrid.js : v.2.1 build 90316
- dhtmlxgridcell.js,dhtmlxgrid_group.js   : v.2.1 build 90226

If issue is not version related, I will provide a sample to support.

Was this ever resolved? I too have the same issue in v.2.5 build 91111.

You can use groupBy, but you need to define custom group by row format, like


Thank you for your quick reply.

Although it did work, I wanted the group heading spanning columns from the left just like it does when using grid.groupBy(2). In the end I created a 0 length, blank column as the first column.