dhtmlxgrid header filter/search issues

Dear all,

I’ve been experimenting with the dhtmlxgrid and the header filter (text/select etc) however i am getting a very strange behavior which i cannot explain and i wonder if you could help me.

The grid is loading an XML of about 1k rows from a php script.

The filter appears normally, and on localhost apache server it works very well. I type whatever on the text input shown in the header and dhtmlxgrid filters and shows the rows with the input.

However when the script is uploaded to the server and loaded from a domain, the filter/search function from the header not working. everything is the same except the loading environment. The grid loads perfectly, and only the first column search works. any other column other than the first one is not being filtered.

I’ve checked all files and everything is synchronised and the scripts on the local and hosted server are loading same versions os dhtmlxgrid.

Please advise.


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, provide with a demo link, where the issue can be reproduced.

Note: client-side filters are incompatible with dynamic loading of data.