dhtmlxGrid in email html

I want to be able to show a grid in an email, i am creating programatically using java mail API.
I believe, most popular email programs block javascript , hence , i do not want the various features, like filter/sort/resize/etc, on the grid. I just need the look and feel of the html table that i create to be exactly the same as a dhtmlxGrid.
I understand, that a dthmlxGrid can be initialized using markup. But even this kind of initialization will need some amount of js execution, that will be rendered futile in an email program.

Is there a way to achieve , what I need, or am I left with applying exactly the same stlying used in a dthmlxGrid, to my custom table ? If so, where can I find the list of styles that are applied in creating a dhmtlxGrid ?


Any use case which involving dhtmlxGrid requires javascript enabled, so I think it not possible to include grid in email.

What if i apply the styles to the table, that i create, to make it look exactly like a dhtmlxGrid. That is what i want. Can I find a complete list of all styles, used to create the dhtmlxGrid(from a table) ?

You can include dhtmlxgrid.css in the email and have the html structure


...header table here...
...data table here...