dhtmlxGrid in Split Mode with AJAX updating grid data

Hi Folks,
I am currently working on a project that implements dhtmlxGrid in Split Mode (frozen Columns) with AJAX updating the grid data. Things work fine with all other browsers except Internet Explorer. From what I have read and understood, dhtmlxGrid in Split mode requires the following:

  1. The dhtmlXGridObject should be a Javascript global variable.
  2. For my project. the AJAX update will changes the configuration of the grid so grid.destructor() is called and new grid is created in the same container with new configuration. (docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … leshooting)

I get some error when I trigger the AJAX updates too fast. (i.e. by changing options in multi-selection triggers update too quickly without waiting AJAX function to completely update the Grid). The error I get is “Object expected - dhtmlxgrid_splt.js” at line 36.

The following is the Javascript code at default.asp

The function to do the AJAX update is in updateGrid.js
Function UpdateGrid(arrayData) {
if (myGrid != null) {
myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘Grid’);
myGrid.setHeader(fieldNames); // field headers
myGrid.setInitWidths(fieldwidths); // field widths
myGrid.setColAlign(fieldAlign); // field alignments
myResultsGrid.parse(arrayData, “jsarray”);

Any suggestions that could resolve this? Please keep in mind that the configuration of the grid will be changed and the the arrayData returned by AJAX called is stored as Javascript array and not stored in XML file. The arrayData can create a grid of 1000 rows or 10 rows depending on the filtering criteria in the default page.

Thank you for your help!

Please open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/ and provide complete demo where we can reproduce this issue