dhtmlxgrid in xsl code questions

  1. Can you embed the dhtmlxgrid in xsl, if so, what would the code look like and also, what would the javascript look like within the grid? Currently, I am trying to use the <xsl:template match="/"> then put the html in there for the grid and only use a tag, but didn’t know if I had to use the <!CDATA[> tags since it is all contained within the xsl.

    2) I am working to see if I can integrate the grid into our current xsl. Our xsl already reads from xml, but I do not want the entire xml to go in the grid. Is there a way to only loop through certain values in the xml to show in the grid? I imagine the javascript has to be changed at the loadXML, but I am not sure how/where to do that.

    Thanks for any help!