dhtmlxGrid ( inconsistent subHeader height )


I have 3 grids in one page:

  • Grid 1 contains a list of locations
  • Grid 2 shows information for the selected location in Grid 1
  • Grid 3 more static information

Grid 2 and 3 both have subHeaders attached after their initialization/before loading of data for each grid. But I am replacing the subHeader (and all other grid contents) of Grid 2 each time a row is selected in Grid 1. Grid 3 contents/subheader info do not change.

Problem is, you’ll notice that the height of the attached subHeaders of Grid 2 and Grid 3 are different (Grid 2 subHeader is taller).

Do you know what causes this? Attached is a demo of the issue.

I actually found a similar topic in the forum with an answer from Olga. But the suggestion did not resolve the issue.


Grid Demo - Expanding SubHeader.zip (689 KB)

Hello. Can you help with this inquiry please? Thanks. :cry: :unamused:

Unfortunately the the header/footer of the grid with frozen columns cannot be attached/detached . The grid structure cannot be modified in case of using the frozen columns. This is the limitation of the mode.