dhtmlxGrid incremental background loading


I have a dhtmlxGrid with client side filtering however the web service for getting the data is slow to process lots of rows so I want to get the data in 50 row chunks rather than the entire lot (about 500 - 1000 rows).

This way the user starts getting some data as soon as possible and then I want to keep loading additional 50 row chunks one after the other automatically in the background (no user interaction required) and for the data to appear in the grid appended at the bottom as soon as each chunk is downloaded. A sort of incremental background loading.

Whats the best way to implement this type of functionality?

I looked at the smart rendering / dynamic loading but it seemed to need user interaction for it to load the next 50 rows ( by moving the scroll bar) and I don’t want true pagination as the client side filtering wont work from my understanding as the data is not downloaded until the user clicks on the page number.

Cheers Dave

You may try to use the distibuted parsing technique:
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ed_parsing