dhtmlxgrid ipad

is there any way in the current version of grid (latest pro version) to access the cells when using an ipad?
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _math.html
I cannot ‘click’ on the price and change it.
I do see from other posts that the ipad is not supported yet, but just wondered if i was missing anything.
Really getting under the skin of this (and the other) applications, have changed the development plan to include them wherever possible.

Current version of dhtmlxGrid doesn’t support mobile browsers

I have already a web site working properly but when I tried it on an iPad the dhtmlxgrid click event doesn’t do anything.

Is this feature still not working on iPad?

It is going to work in the future? or I need to create a dhtmlxtouch version of my website?



Try to use dhtmlxTouch library dhtmlx.com/touch/