dhtmlxGrid / Issue while using AddRow(...), IE freezing, but


A new question from my side for the grid and AddRow function:

. in IE7, when I try to load the grid with AddRow function with 400 rows maximum for the moment, IE7 is freezing and takes 10 to 30 seconds to give me the page.

With the same page in Firefox, no delay.

Notice that if I can use Firefox for testing, our users would only be allowed to work on IE.

Do you know why there is such a difference, and more important, how to avoid this problem ?

There is, may be, a better way to load data but firefox doesn’t seems to suffer with the 400 rows loaded by AddRow.

Just for information: the html is generated by a query, it’s doing a concatenation of the datas and the html/javascript caracters needed.

I can’t read a file and load a grid by this way.



Technically IE rendering engine significent slower than one of FF, so in common case FF will work faster in any case.
>>when I try to load the grid with AddRow function with 400 rows maximum for the moment
I’m strongly suggest to use grid.load or grid.parse method instead, they allow much faster row parsing|rendering and can be used with smartRendering mode , which gives serious boost for performance.
You can use
where data is matrix of values which you are using for addRow commands. Forming such js matrix and loading it at once will be a lot faster way to fill grid with data.

>>Do you know why there is such a difference
Except of common slowness of IE, I have no idea about such difference in speed. All code processed equally in both browsers.


Great ! for the idea of parse with jsarray … it works fine.
Easy to use an efficient.
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards.