Hi! where can I find this file? dhtmlxgrid_json.js

I want to load a treegrid from Json!

Thank you.

dhtmlxgrid_json.js is included only in the PRO version of dhtmlxGrid.
you can find in “/codebase/ext/” directory.

I’ve asked for a treegrid evaluation, so I can evaluate, and decide if I should buy or not this product. how can I evaluate If I dont have access to that file?

The evaluation version includes all files of the PRO Edition (compressed files in ‘codebase’ folder, readable sources are available in the official PRO package only).

Here is the path to the file in the TreeGrid evaluation package:


If you have any further technical questions, please submit a ticket to the online support system:

You can find the login details in the email that contains the download link to the evaluation package.