DhtmlxGrid layout issues


I have two issues about dhtmlxgrid.

1) I have enabled the header menu for dhtmlxgrid but when I click on the header on my grid, the menu appears far above the table and in the middle of other elements of the page.

In this page I have (in descending order) :

- a basic html header

- a chart in flash generated using amcharts

- 4 dhtmlxgrid

The header menu is typically appearing in the middle of the chart.

2) On the same page, when i resize a column (press the mouse button and move), a white line appears between the last row and the footer. It disappears as soon as I release the mouse.

I can provide screenshots if needed.


Existing version of header menu has known issue with positioning on the page ( if scroll exists ) - updated version sent by email, please try to use it instead of original one.

>>I can provide screenshots if needed.
Please send a screenshot of the problem to the support@dhtlmx.com