dhtmlxGrid + Layout + paging enchancement

better integration with paging bar included when using attachGrid() method for layouts,tabbar,…

Right now, we have to :

  1. create a div containing dhtmlxGrid and the paging bar, and attach the div using attachObject. By doing this we lose all resizing/overflow features of using attachGrid which is a big issue
  2. use attachGrid in one layoutCell and attachObject for the paging bar in another cell. works fine but much more code to write!

Have paging bar attached automatically by default to the bottom of the grid when attachGrid is used. Maybe you could add an additional argument to attachGrid(hasPagingBar) for example to simplify this?

On a side note, maybe all attach methods could take a json argument to define options. Should be useful for example, attachTabbar(isVertical) …

I second the motion.

It is quite frustrating having to show the paging in another layout (it looks awful)

Please include this functionality in your next realease


It is possible to place paging bar into status of layout cell. Here are docs about this approach:

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … _to_status

Also you may place paging bar into grid footer:

  1. place html container of the paging bar into the first cell of the footer
  2. for other cell you may set colspan - #cspan

We’ll consider your request.

Thanks for the ideas