dhtmlxGrid link maximum size in Firefox

Hi I am experiencing an odd problem, Firefox specific issue when using the dthmlxGrid. I have a grid with six columns. The first column is a sub_row, the others are all link type cells except the last column which is a custom excell (hybrid link/text). The problem relates to one of the normal link excell columns.

The data is loaded into the grid from an XML file (which is generated dynamically). If there are more than 4004 characters inside the tag (including link information etc) then the grid starts to truncate the URL for the link, eventually changing the link into text (it just won’t link and isn’t rendered using the css styles for an anchor hyperlink).

Specifically, if the 4004 limit is exceeded, the actual value of the href attribute gets truncated by however many characters the string exceeds 4004 until eventually the link converts to text.

This behavior does not occur on IE (8) or Chrome. just Firefox.

Our data can consist of mutlilingual strings (e.g. german, french, cyrillic, greek, english, hebrew, arabic, chinese all in the same string), but the language or specific characters don’t seem to have any effect on this problem.

This problem only affects the specific cell in the grid that corresponds to the cell in the xml containing more than 4004 characters. The 4004 characters includes all text in the cell in the format text^http://www.someurl.com^_self.

We need to be able to have more than 4004 characters allowed in the field for two reasons:

  1. It’s likely that type of data loaded into the grid may exceed that limit for a column
  2. We put a text filter at the top of that column so that users can filter the grid based on the contents of that column. We need to have the full text present in the that cell because it appears that the text filter performs it’s filtering on the basis of the text in the column. If we truncate the text to be under 4004 characters, then the truncated characters are unfilterable.

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I forgot to add this link that I found regarding a 4k limit for text areas in Firefox. I don’t think it’s directly related to my question, but it begs the questions:

are there internal limits in dhtmlxgrid to the size of text passed to a link?
is there an interaction between dhtmlx grid and Firefox such that a FF limitation is coming into play?


XML parser of FF process long text nodes in different way. To resolve issue - add the attached js file to the page after standard ones ( or add its content to the end of dhtmlxgrid.js )
patch.zip (753 Bytes)