dhtmlxgrid link onclick event



I was wondering if there was a way to call a javascript function when a link is clicked in a grid cell?

Basically i am listing some locations in a datagrid. When a user clicks a location, a function is called which opens a marker on a Google map.





in case of using link column type - you can set the function as the second parameter:


or you can set onRowSelect event handler that is called when cell clicked:


/your code here/



Thanks Alex. The attach event works fine but ideally I wanted a link so it was clear the user was able to press. I tried the javascript:myFunction(value) as the link but i got an error saying the function wasn’t defined and a blank page is opened. The function is defined in the same page as the grid and is the same one used as the onSelectRow event.


Please check the sample in the grid package dhtmlxGrid/samples/01_cell_types/04_link_grid.html. Here the second row calls JS function when link is clicked.

If the issue isn’t solved, please provide the complete demo to recreate it


Adding -     ;^_self seems to have solved the problem



This helped me, thank you Scott.


I have another problem with the link in grid.
My data in grid is retrieved from database, how can I created a link for a cell or a row? So far, the sample I found is XML file.
Do I need to create a link field in database?



If you are using connector for data generation, you can use beforeRender handler, to add formatting to the content ( convert plain text link to HTML link )

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … formatting


Hi Stanislav,
Many thanks! it does sort our my problem.