DHTMLXGRID Loading error.

Hi ,

I know this issue is already spotted by many of the fellow developers…but dint provided the solution. I have no idea why i am seeing this error.

Issue is, I am trying to load the DHTMLXGrid on button click event where i have done “Get” for xml data using JQuery in asp.net.

I have built it by the freely provided js files at DHTMLXGrid site and i am able to see the Grid loaded perfectly.

When i posted the exact implemetation to one of my client…he is coming across an error “this.entBox is null or not an object”

I have seen his aspx page whether he provided the container id properly to the DHTXMLGridObject contructer and he did it correctly.

As i said, I have binded the Grid on buttons click event and by that time div should be existing and should be used for Grif initialization.

where in i cross checked at my local implementation putting a break point in DHTMLXGridobject contructer and checked for the “this.entBox”. it shows it is an object(used fire bug).

please help me to solve this issue as my client may not be willing to use DHTMLXGrid.

dhtmlxgrid.rar (23 KB)

This issue may occur only if by the time of grid initialization grid container is not persist on the page. Double check if id of grid container is correct.
If id of grid container id correct check if it persist on the page by the time of grid initialization. Also check if grid container is not hidden with “display:none” css property.

If issue still occurs please open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/ and provide us complete demo where we can reproduce it.