dhtmlxGrid Math Calculation example not working on my side

Hello -

I have an evalution copy of the dhtmlx Pro Grid Object but having issue with the math calculation example from the link below:

icomm.mbl.edu/treegrid/dhtmlxGri … math2.html

I copied the source above and ran it on my webserver but I did not get the same result --> When I edit the first line with qty = 1, total calculates to $12.00 not 12.40. I have the same exact code and data to feed in to the grid. I only had to change the resource path to find the javascript lib on my webserver.

Can someone shed some light?


That issue was fixed.
Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com so we can provide you a fixed dhtmlxGrid_math.js file

Thanks for the response. This is resolved! We have now the updated copy of the math js library. (Btw, we have the purchased copy not the eval copy.)

Thanks again,