DhtmlxGrid Print

I have two grids on an asp.net page where the second grid loads based on the selected row in the first grid. I also have some labels on my page which display the current selected employee. I would like to customize the print function of grid to display both the grids on the page and aslo the employee labels. How can i do this?

There is no easy way, you may try to customize the printView function ( stored in dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js )
Also, if you are using latest version (attached) you can try to use next trick

    var html="";
    mygrid1.parentGrid=true;   // will set fake subgrid mark
    html+=mygrid1.printView(); //get html for first grid
    html+=" any custom output here "
    html+=mygrid.printView();   // get html for second grid

     var d = window.open(’’, ‘_blank’);

dhtmlxgrid_nxml.zip (4.85 KB)