dhtmlxGrid pro / checbox for each group rows

Dear support,

I was wondering if you have planned to had in a next release something like checkboxes for each group rows, in order to be able to check/uncheck all the items of a group.

I’ve a “work around” when I do a groupBy(), but I’ll prefer to have a “native” functionnality; as you are owners/creators of source code, I think I’ll be easier to do something “stable”.



We not plan to add “group-linked-checkboxes”, but next version will contain
itterator, which will simplify such functionality creation.

Ok, thanks, I’ll wait and see for the next version …

If you interested - you can contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com - we can provide current dev. version of codebase ( it already supports necessary functionality )


So, thanks for this source code, I finally have my “group-linked-checkboxes” as you said.
I’ve included this directly in the “native” functions of the group_rows.