dhtmlxGrid pro / the grid is slow while inserted in a tabbar

Dear support,

One more question for the grid, something “strange” that I’ve just seen yesterday:

. the grid was slow to “react” only for one point -> when clicking on a checkbox in a “ch” type column, It could take 1 second for the grid the update the status of the checkbox (change the image from “unchecked” to “checked” for example). In the same time, every thing else is working correctly (loading, filtering, grouping).

I’ve dropped the code attached to the event “onCheck”, and it is still the same.

So, I’ve dropped all the others objects on the page one by one, and now I see that the problem disappears when the grid is not in a tab of a tabbar.

It could stay in a cell of a layout, for example, I don’t see particular problems.



Unfortunately the issue can’t be reconstructed locally, the grid behave normally while placed in tabbar’s cell.
Please try to add next line to the tabbars init, it may resolve problem in your case


It’s already done.
I’m using nested tabbars, maybe it could be a point but I don’t know …


It it possible to provide some kind of sample of link to the demp page where issue can be reconstructed?
( you can send such info directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

I forgot to tell what happened: so I’ve reorganized the objects, stopped using for the moment the Tabbar. I use a Layout object attached to document.body, with a Accordion in one cell; 2 items of the Accordion contains grids. The result would be without having too much nested objects, if the grids could be only in the Layout object; now, there is only a very little delay between the click on a checkbox cell and the moment that the cell is updated (checked /unchecked), but I can still see a difference between this situation and a grid put on a page wit nothing else.
I know that it could sound strange to you, but it is what I see …maybe there is a better way to organize the page & objects, I’ll try.


Could you please send us your xml used in grid?