dhtmlxGrid (pro2) - makePivot / error on any method

Dear support,

I’m trying to use the makePivot() function from the grid, but I can’t get any result, even from makePivot(), makePivot(‘gridboxP’) or makePivot(‘gridboxP’,{x:0|1,y:2|3,value:3,action:0}) , etc … (for example).

The _Pivot.js file is included.

The grid is loaded with a json string.

What should I check ?




There are only two requirements
a) dhtmlxgrid_pivot.js must be included
b) the makePivot functionality need to be called after data loaded in grid ( loading is async, so use onXLE or second param of loadXML )

Also, you may check that each row has unique ID , non-unique IDs may cause different kinds of errors.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed.


Ok, thanks, it’s resolved with the event “onXLE”.