dhtmlXGrid - Problem causing due to deleting columns having

Hi support team,

I had already mail you this query at support@dhtmlx.com with reference number but didn’t got any reply yet so i am posting it here again,

I am using dhtmlxGrid_v14_Pro_70813 version,

I am facing some problem while deleting columns in grid having merged cells in attached header,

Suppose we have a dhtmlXGrid with 4 rows 4 columns (col1, col2, col3, col4) and 1 attached header (whose second and third attach header cells are merged), following problems occur when I tried to delete column:

1) After deleting col4, attached header cell of col4 remain as it is, instead of getting deleted.

2) After deleting col2, there will be no attached header cell exists for col3, it shows a blank space instead of cell.

3) After deleting col3, attached header cell of col4 get deleted.

Please provide some solution so that deleting columns in a grid having merge attach header cells will work properly.

Thanks in advance


Column adding|deleting in case of complex header ( with colspans | rowspans ) - not supported by dhtmlxgrid.

In described situation, if you knew the column which may be deleted - you can recreate header after column deleting
      mygrid.attachHeader(“1,2,#cspan”); //attach header line adopted for new column count

detachHeader available only in dev. version ( will be available starting from grid 1.5 ) , for now header can be detached by manipulation with grid.hdr collections.