DHTMLXGRID Problem loading special characters -Incorrect XML

First off, I appreciate someone reading through this posting. Secondly, I believe I have hit a wall in getting past this ‘Incorrect XML’ problem.

Any help in resolving this problem will be greatly appreciated.

I have dhtmlxSuite v2.5 pro 91111 edition.
I am trying to populate dhtmlxgrid with a table, which has special characters.

Sample characters that are in my database that lead to the problem are as follows: 'TÁVKÖZLÉSI ’

NOTE: This problem is only observed on ‘IE,’ which is the only platform supported for the application I am working on. This ‘Incorrect XML’ issue doesn’t appear on chrome, instead these characters get converted into some other funny characters on chrome.

Using grid to load this type of character set, despite setting the encoding to ‘iso-8859-1’ doesn’t seem to work.

1 $gridConn = new GridConnector($res,“Oracle”);
2 $gridConn->set_encoding(“iso-8859-1”);
3 $gridConn->enable_log("/tmp/test.log",true);
4 $gridConn->render_table(“TABLE_NAME”,“COL1”,“COL1,COL2,COL3”);


22 mygrid.setHeader(“col1,col2,col3”);
23 //mygrid.setSerializationLevel(true,false,false,false,false,true); <-- doesn’t seem to have any effect
24 //mygrid.setSerializableColumns(“false,true,false”); <-- doesn’t seem to have any effect
25 mygrid.init();
26 mygrid.loadXML(“xyz.php”)

Please provide a sample of xml output which produces the error ( be sure to attach it as a file )

Though I have the professional version, since it had some issues related to dhtmlxform not updating the grid, I had switched to the latest non professional version of the code.

I have been able to avoid the problem mentioned above, by using the professional version.

Thanks for all who have helped me on this.