dhtmlxGrid problem with mouse-wheel

when, in IE 8 on begging of data on dhtmlxGrid I scroll with mouse wheel to top, page is refreshed, also on the bottom of data with scroll down page is refreshed??? how to prevent it? FF and Chrome work normally without refresh page???

Unforutnately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Can you please send us example where we can reproduce it (you can send such example directly to the support@dhtmlx.com)

At first THX for veeery quick answer!!!
When you said you can not reproduce problem, I gave my best to find error and it is in my program. I ve tryed to use dhtmlxgrid in Microsoft Web Browser(IE8) activeX object. I did not realize that COM objects in some cases (as I mentioned) did not handle mouse wheel, it leaves to my application. DhtmlxGrid works GREAT!
Once again, THX for your time and sorry if I spent your time.