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Hi, I need to modify the data in a cell after the user has edited another cell of the same row, for example, user edits column 1, after edit, this new data is then placed in column 6 (of the selected row). This data is being saved to a database so the event handler shouldn’t interfere with this. I understand it is along the lines of:

function doOnRowSelected(id){




but onrowselected isnt the correct event (i presume it is onedit, but will this interfere with the save?)

Many thanks


You can use “onEditCell” event. This event occurs 1-3 times depending on cell’s editability. onEditCell event passes the following parameters:
stage - stage of editing (0-before start[can be canceled if returns false],1- the editor is opened,2- the editor is closed);
rId - id of the row;
cInd - index of the cell;
nValue - new value (only for the stage 2);
oValue - old value (only for the stage 2).
grid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, function(stage,rId,cInd,nValue,oValue){});

During normal edit process event fires 3 times
cell edition initiated ( stage = 0 )
cell editor activated and ready for input ( stage = 1 )
cell edition finished ( stage = 2 )

The 3rd call can cause different results based on returned value
{bool}true - confirm edit operation
{bool}false - deny edit operation ( previous cell value will be restored )
{string} or {number} - provided value will be used a new value of the cell instead of one entered by user

Many thanks :slight_smile: