DhtmlxGrid resizable column option


I have a DHTMLX enterprise license for suit 6.4.2.
license reg. number - 19007023

I want to apply resizable property to the grid so that size of the columns can be increased/decreased as per the requirement. I have tried to apply it on the grid but somehow the last columns are not visible properly and grid UI is getting destructed. After looking at working demo, I came to know that width attribute is not getting updated in the following div elements:


So that it is not working as expected. Can anyone help me to figure out the issue?

Thanks in advance.


Can you provide snippet with example of your issue?

@proldapru Sorry for the late reply, I have tried to reproduce same problem in snippet but it was working fine. It looks like some existing css/js may conflict with dhtmlx.

However, I have downloaded the latest release version 6.5 and with this new version this issue is resolved.

Thanks for the updates.