dhtmlxGrid - rows are not rendered on scrolling


I’m using dhtmlxGrid 2.6 with smart rendering enabled and have a dataset of 1000 rows.

If I scroll through the rows (using the scroller at the grid’s right side, not the mouse wheel), it appears that some of the rows are not rendered.
They are displayed completely empty, and they stay empty, even if I wait for several seconds.

The only possibility to make them show is to scroll a little bit up and down again, but sometimes they do not come up either.

There where some users having the same problem in this forum, and I tried all the suggestions from those threads, i.e. setting awaited row height, using script patches, but nothing worked.

Can you please help me, how I can get this working?
The users won’t be fine with this behaviour :-/

Thanks in advance!

Such issue may occur if you are using multi line mode or rows height has been changed. In such case you should define new rows height with setAwaitedRowHeight() method
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … drowheight

Hello Ollga,

thanks for your reply.
That was one of the things I tried yesterday, but it did not change anything.

Using the big dataset sample from your website (which worked right for me both in IE and FF), I found out, why the rows have not been rendered: In my XML, I had one or two cells with a “style” attribute inside.

This causes IE to render these columns too slowly. I removed the style attribute und use “CSS class” instead, and now everything is fine :smiley: