dhtmlxGrid ' s cell option default value

when grid load xml, the cell 's default value is " default value " in follow xml:

default value

it display value in grid , i want display is different from value.

i know it can define tags “display” in header ,but the default value can not load in tag ,it comes default value

can you solve it

Basically , there is a way to define default column value for column, the column declaration in such case must look as

<column type=“coro[value]”>display

The value in square brackets after column type will be used as default value for any cell which has not its own data.

thank you to reply to my question, it can set a dafault value for tag named “cell” ,but this can not solve display for default value . 

 in cell, it display  default value , i want display is different from value

There is no way to have one value selected in cell , and second value as default preselected one in select input.
Such behavior can be achieved only by creating custom excell.