dhtmlxgrid Sample with Php and MySQL

I had download dhtmlxgrid_with_db_php and I created the DB consists of two tables Authors and Books. My problem is when I try to page this example I got the following Error Message and No data presented in Grid??

Error type:LaodXML

Description:Incorrect XML

what I have should do to get data in Grid?? Tq Anderh

The problem caused by incorrect XML generated by PHP part, most probably something not right with PHP settings or DB connection.
You can navigate to XML feed url -

if some PHP problem occurs - it will show details.
Aslo please be sure that you set correct DB settings in classes/connect.php

Also, try “Firebug” it’s an extension for FireFox, and it will allow you to see all httpRequest information being passed back and forth.  If your script is sending errors you can see them with FireBug, it’s an amazing tool!