dhtmlXGrid Save Data dynamicaly error


I’m trying to use the dhtmlXGrid to save data dynamically but I’m getting an error:

this._h2 has no properties

comming from the dhtmlXTreeGrid.js file.

If I comment this part of the bugged code like that:


/var z=this._h2.get[rowId||0];

if ((!z) || (!z.parent)) return null;

return z.parent.id;


i’m getting an other error if it can help, (I’ve also tried to return 1 or 0 or with “” or simply “”), here is the error:

docObj has no properties

comming from dhtmlXCommon.js file

here is the basic code I’m using to load my grid:

lala = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridboxXML’);

    lala.imgURL = “<%=m_sContextPath%>/images/dhtmlXGrid/”;

    lala.setHeader(“Column A, Column B”);









    myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor("<%=m_sContextPath%>/test.do");





Problem confirmed and already fixed in latest build - original version of dataprocessor ( from grid 1.4 ) was not able work correctly with grid and treeGrid in same time.
Please contact us directly at support@scand.com and provide your ref. number - we will send you updated dataprocessor file.