DHTMLXGrid sending data back to server


I 'm trying to use DHTMLXGrid to allow the user to update table values in client side and want to stored them on server side.

Using the form integration, when I submit the form, no data was sent with the form submitting.

I’m using the free version of DHTMLX (dhtmlxSuite 2008 Rel.2 Standard edition build 80512). Is this feature only available in the pro version or what shall I do to receive grid changes as form fields?

I’m including:








because I use both a tree and a grid. I cannot use dataprocessor since I do not have php.

I’m using this in a JSR-168 portlet but the actionrequest only contains the other form fields.

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Form integration requires dhtmlxgrid_form.js, which is part of pro edition.

>>but the actionrequest only contains the other form fields.
Are you sending form by submit button, by js code such as form.submit()?
In second case you need to use code similar to next