dhtmlxGrid serialize problem

Hi there.

I’m having some problems serializing a grid.

The problem is:

In my grid i have columns with checkboxes and columns with editable columns, like edtxt.
If i picked one checkbox and then click on serialize button, serialize method gives me all columns changed, the complete XML.
But, and the problem is here, if i edit an edtxt cell and then click on serialize button, the serialize method can’t find any changes on grid and gives me “empty” XML.

So, i can submit a XML with changed cells of grid, ONLY if picked checkboxes. If i alter an edtxt cell, nothing seems to be changed to serialize method.

Another case:
If i pick a checkbox and then change edtxt cell on same row, the serialize method detects changes and gives me the complete XML.

I have also tried to modify “wasChanged” attribute for edtxt cells, but with no success…

Can anyone please help me ?! I’m stuck here :S


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide any kind of sample to reconstruct the issue.